"We would like to express our thanks to the staff of Mara Events for all their hard work and impressive professionalism in organizing our conference. Working with a professional conference planner like Mara Events, enabled us to put together a successful conference for the participants, whilst Mara Events made sure that everything ran smoothly during the event. Through its excellent experience and good network in the country, we were able to secure the engagement of key guest speakers and participants from the private sector and government. I will strongly recommend the services of Mara Events to any company willing to organize an outstanding conference or workshop."


by John P. Girard, Ph.D. Professor, Keynote Speaker

"Mara Events lives up to its name in every way. I was completely blown away by their excellence in executing our very complex event. Every little detail was taken care of in a superb manner. I have organized events throughout the world, and I can honestly say that Mara Events are among the very best in the game--not just in Dubai but on a global scale. I would highly recommend them to anyone who seeks to run a world-class event.



by Mr. Abdullah Ahmed  Executive Vice President - Industrial and medical sectors  TEEF NAJD GROUP